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An unchanging companion: Namadev

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Ascended Master Namadev is one of the fifteen Bhakti Movement Saints whose words got preserved in The Guru Granth Sahib. The 13th-century saint who hails from the Naras-Vamani village of Maharashtra is widely known for his simple teachings and Abhangs. He’s a close associate of Bhagat Pipa, Saint Kabir and Saint Ravidas. He worked as a cloth printer and painter. Namadev strongly emphasizes the importance of being a householder in the path of enlightenment that one can attain while mastering themselves as a family.

Namadev has four Sons and one daughter, Janabai, who’s also a great saint and poetess. Namadev performed many notable healings and miracles but he never exalted himself for fame. But at one time the king ordered Namadev to perform a miracle for him. But the saint showed reluctance as he won’t use the power of God within for one entertainment. Then he’s thrown before an angry elephant but he saved himself from that peril.

Namadev always praises the got within as the saviour of all, he mainly points at the God within the human being. He says:

“I wandered through the cosmos in search of the treasure but found it within me.”

He also noted the importance of having an embodiment:  

“The strength of contempt of the world should be in the body an unchanging companion.”

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